Christmas Crossover Promo

We have a new Crossover Event! It’s been a while, but we’re banding together to do some podcasts linked together by a single theme, which was pretty easy considering the season!

It’s the Christmas  season, and participating members of the Crossover Nexus are recording episodes that are geeky, faith-y, and holiday season-y!

Here are links to the individual podcasts! (We’ll update the list as the episodes are released!)

GEEKUALLY YOKED: Episode 72 — Geeksgiving 2015

DORKNESS TO LIGHT: Episode 3 — Holiday Special 2015

STRANGERS AND ALIENS: Episode 167 — A Very Special Christmas Episode 

SPIRIT BLADE UNDERGROUND: Episode 390 — CGC Christmas Special 2015

VOICES IN MY HEAD (& UNTOLD PODCAST): Episode 156 — Superman Meets Santa Claus

GEEK THIS: Episode 51 — Gruss Vom Krampus 

HELIX REVIEWS: Episode 79 – What I’m Thankful For

THE UNTOLD PODCAST: Episode 46 — Lou’s Bar & Grill: Sixes Wild

STRANGERS AND ALIENS: Episode 170 — The Goblins Who Stole a Sexton: a Charles Dickens’ Christmas Story

Bonus: RELATIVELY GEEKY PRESENTS: Episode 5 – Obscure Christmas Songs